Core Parenting-Memorial Day

For many of us, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. In The Hamptons, it's the official beginning of the summer season; social events, and the crowds! But it’s more than that. Memorial Day is the federal holiday to remember men and women in the Armed Forces who died in service to our country.

As a parent, I feel it’s important that my children learn this; that they understand the authentic purpose of this and every holiday; that it’s more than barbecues and swimming pools! What’s not in this video is that their grandfather and great-grandfather both served in the Air Force. While they thankfully did not die in service, it adds to the texture and meaning of the holiday.

Part of the beauty of living in NYC is the opportunity to see and experience what we want to learn about. So, this Memorial Day, I took my three small kids to an installation at Madison Square Park (they thought it was great that the park shares the name with their sister…insert more teaching opportunities here about the history of the name Madison!).

Before heading out to an educational outing, I always sit down with my kids and talk about what we’re going to be doing so they understand the background of what we’ll be seeing. Then, while at the experience, I touch back on what we discussed and ask questions to see understand what they’re understanding from the outing and ask them to share what they think about what they’re learning.

These are essential ‘Core Parenting’ practices for me because they come from my core values and what I see as core in my children: authenticity, enthusiasm, connection, curiosity and service.


With love from my core, Liz