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Core Conversations: Amy Carlson Part I

Amy Carlson (actor, humanitarian, cool mom and overall super human) and I talk about our core values and friendship, the interplay between kindness and authenticity and how we are raising our children to be connected, happy humans.

Mentioned in this episode: Lisa Damour’s books, Untangled and Under Pressure and the documentary, Happy .

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Core Conversations: Amy Carlson - Part III

Amy and I chat more about what pulls us away from our core and how we find resilience and bring ourselves back. I'll share some tips and techniques that you can use to bring you back to your core. In this episode we discuss, Pema Chodron’s audio book, Don’t Bite the Hook, Bach Flowers and I lead Amy (and you!) in the practice of the Kriya, Nadi Shodinah…

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