Pelvic Floor Yoga

What IS the pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is the set of muscles at the base of the pelvis which contains and supports the pelvic and abdominal organs. I consider the pelvic floor "the floor of the core". The pelvic floor is closely related to the abdominals, hips, thighs, gluteals and and postural muscles. Nothing exists in isolation.

Pelvic floor yoga focuses on educating and balancing through posture, breath and body awareness, and practicing poses that lengthen, strengthen and stabilize the pelvic floor.

Who should do pelvic floor yoga?

For both women and men, many factors can bring the pelvis out of balance including daily stress and poor postural habits, digestive and reproductive issues, childbirth, age, surgery, past injuries and trauma.

Private sessions...

I work one-on-one with clients to understand and assess their unique presentations and to individually tailor practices that guide them towards balance.


I also teach pelvic floor and core workshops that educate and empower students to understand and connect with their own bodies more deeply. Do you think you should do Kegels? Leak urine when you sneeze or jump or feel the urge to urinate often? Suffer from back pain? Taking my workshop will inform you about your body and provide you with practices that can guide you towards balance. Everyone can benefit from these workshops. Learning more about your pelvic floor can also make ‘core/abdominal’ work 30% more effective and set a path for physiological strength and stability from deep within.

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